ToolBOSS™ Vending Solutions

ATMS is designed to manage tooling, increase productivity, manufacturing cost reduction and track outcomes.

ToolBOSS™ Vending Solutions
Our tool vending machines are the answer to secure storage of tools and supplies. Storage units can be used alone or together and offer secure inventory control, accountability of tool usage, and flexibility in storage options.

Cut tooling inventory, often by 50% or more
Decrease spending on new tools by up to 30%
Reduce administrative costs significantly, often by as much as 90%
Integrate ToolBOSS machines with the NOVO app to monitor real-time inventory during process planning

Learn more about the family of tool vending machines
ToolBOSS™ with management software; ToolBOSS ECTC (Journeyman); Supply Lockers; Modulo; and Rotopoint
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